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5-8 July 1998, in Perth, Western Australia

Presentation guidelines

The Conference will encourage maximum interaction between presenters and audiences and the following presentation styles have been designated to maximise this feature. The presentation styles you may choose from are:

Dilemma questions

Dilemma sessions will allow you to discuss issues which have arisen from your teaching, research or development. You will pose your dilemma in the form of a question which can be discussed with your audience. The session will encourage interactive discussion as further issues are identified and answers sought.

Dilemma presenters will explain the context of their papers and questions in the first 10 minutes and leave the remaining 20 minutes for questions, comparisons and discussion.

Presenters of dilemma sessions are expected to submit a 600 word abstract for review by 13 March 98, and a paper up to 4000 words long by 22 May 1998.


Demonstration sessions allow for your audience to experience, and not just hear about, a teaching or learning activity you have experimented with. These sessions will include techniques and technologies which you use in your classrooms, or activities you have developed to help your students learn.

Demonstrations will allow 30 minutes in which to involve your audience in participation and discussion of your activity or experiment.

Demonstrations will be selected on the basis of a 600 word description which must be submitted for review by 13 March 98. If you choose to write a paper, it should be submitted by 22 May 98.

Research in progress

These sessions are an opportunity for you to share aspects of your research into educational technology. You may discuss recent or current research and discuss the issues which arise, seeking critical comment and review from your audience.

You will spend about 10 minutes presenting your results, ideas or data and at least 20 minutes in discussion or debate with your audience.

Presenters of research in progress sessions are expected to submit a 600 word abstract for review by 13 March 98 and a paper of up to 4000 words by 22 May 98.

Virtual conference

Those who wish to submit their work for others to read about on the web, and to participate in interactive discussion with the readers may submit long or short papers without having to attend our face to face conference. Papers on educational technology, instructional design, educational media, educational application of computer technologies, educational tele-communications and related topics, from all sectors of education and training are invited for our virtual conference.

You may plan to write in a "dilemma session", "demonstration", "research in progress" or other similar style. The discussion avenues will be a number of bulletin boards and email lists for groups of related articles, for which details will be advised later. The planned duration for the virtual conference is 4 weeks, from Monday 22 June to Friday 17 July 1998, ie for the two weeks prior to the face to face conference, the EdTech'98 conference week, and one week after. You are asked to plan for a good level of Internet access during the virtual conference period.

Abstracts of approximately 600 words should be submitted for review by 13 March 98. Once accepted by the review panel, authors must submit their papers for electronic publication by 12 June 98. Virtual conference articles will be web published only, except that ASET and ASCILITE reserve the right to reprint selected articles in the Australian Journal of Educational Technology.


Abstracts and papers must be prepared in conformance with Submission guidelines and submitted as email attachments, as specified in Call for papers and Submission guidelines. Please note also the conditions of publication given in Submission guidelines.


Facilities available for presenters at our face to face conference will be detailed later. However, each room will have a personal computer with standard software, CD drive, ethernet and Internet connection, and a video projector with VGA or higher capability. To encourage interaction with our Virtual conference, registrants for our face to face conference will have access to a number of Internet connected workstations at any day and evening time.

Thank you .... we look forward to your participation!

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