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NEXUS: An exciting component of learning across the curriculum

Susan L Dobie
Blackwood Primary School, South Australia

This interactive session will explore practical methods that exploit the ability of technology to enhance the learning process and its subsequent importance in student learning. How I, with no prior experience and few "computer literacy skills", became involved in Nexus, just over 12 months ago, the practicalities and processes involved and the successful applications will be shared! Using examples of planning approaches, students' work and evaluations, this session will provide participants with a practical guide on how teachers can use the Nexus online data base, in particular, Where-In-Oz? '93, Austour '94, Worldtour '94, Eco Detective, also overseas communications, chatting online, special projects (eg, Writing to the Easter Bunny! and the Crows!) and using AAP.

There will not only be a sharing of successes and how we built on these but also the problems and failures and what we learnt. Discussion will also focus on:

My enthusiasm for this interactive learning tool will be shared through a focus of practical application and my belief that "Nexus" is an important and user friendly tool for the development of information literacy skills.

Practical ideas about the ability of technology to enhance the learning process and its importance in the future learning of students.

The beginning; Why I became involved.

Getting started; Practicalities, processes and reflection on this.

Specific projects; Discussion, documentation, planning approaches, examples of students' work, how individual projects can form an integral part of the R-7 curriculum (areas include society and the environment, the arts, mathematics science, technology, physical education, English and Languages other than English, technology).

Projects referred to will include: Online Characters; Where-in-Oz? '93; Austour '94; Worldtour '94; US Detective; Overseas Communications; Chatting online.

Special Projects - write to the "Easter Bunny"/ "A Crow" also using AAP.

Successes and how we built on these.

Problems/failures - how we learnt from these.

Outcomes for student learning from viewpoint of

The development of student and teacher skills in the use of technology.

Parental involvement

Future plans

Author: Susan L Dobie, Teacher Librarian, Blackwood Primary School, South Australia. Email:

Please cite as: Dobie, S. L. (1994). NEXUS: An exciting component of learning across the curriculum. In J. Steele and J. G. Hedberg (eds), Learning Environment Technology: Selected papers from LETA 94, 44. Canberra: AJET Publications.

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