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Knowledge management in the 21st century: A product showcase: eWorkspace

Giacomo Mirabele
Catholic Regional College Sydenham and eWorkSpace
...The old saying "knowledge is power" sometimes makes people hoard knowledge. They believe that knowledge hoarding makes them indispensable. Power comes not from knowledge kept, but from knowledge shared. A company's values and reward system should reflect that idea. Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation.
Over the past few years the buzzwords of the education world have shifted from the old world concept of a static Internet, to the new world concept of a dynamic Intranet. An Intranet is more than just an internal wired network. It is more than just a collection of web pages linked together by the savvy skills of a web master. We believe that the future is about organic, dynamic knowledge environments that empower people to manage information and communication. An Intranet solution should be a structure that grows according to the needs and aspirations of the people it serves.

With the above philosophy in mind we at in collaboration with Catholic Regional College Sydenham, went ahead and developed our own in-house Knowledge Management Solution. Now known as eWorkSpace 3, it is a system that provides a rich and collaborative Intranet environment for the publication and management of Information. eWorkSpace is a completely web based Knowledge solution with Course Management, Content Publishing, Booking, Attendance and Reporting systems. This commercialised product was and is being developed within a school environment. It is not just a simple file uploading product, but a complete in-browser editing system, with complex and powerful publication tools. It could be said to be the best of Blackboard, Encarta Class Server and IBM's Learning Village all rolled into one.

Please cite as: Mirabele, G. (2002). Knowledge management in the 21st century: A product showcase: eWorkspace. In S. McNamara and E. Stacey (Eds), Untangling the Web: Establishing Learning Links. Proceedings ASET Conference 2002. Melbourne, 7-10 July.

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