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Museum Victoria online - SOSE

Janet Marlow and David Jay
Museum Victoria
The Internet enables unprecedented access to Museum Victoria resources including collection object and image databases, Science, Social History and Indigenous Cultures research. These workshops provide an introduction to ed-online - the gateway to Museum Victoria's online education resources - and an overview of current projects. The paper features two projects: Bioinformatics and Flying Colours, The Biggest Family Album in Australia and Imagining Australia 1914-1918, Encounters - A History of Aboriginal People in Victoria and Hidden Histories.
Please cite as: Marlow, J. and Jay, D. (2002). Museum Victoria online - SOSE. In S. McNamara and E. Stacey (Eds), Untangling the Web: Establishing Learning Links. Proceedings ASET Conference 2002. Melbourne, 7-10 July.

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