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Making 30+ students work into one with PowerPoint or HTML resource

A workshop presentation by

Helene Bearup
Patterson Lakes Primary School

This workshop will demonstrate how individual teams of children in one or several classes can be assigned a project or part of a research topic, work independently in PowerPoint on their topic and then every ones work can be combined to make the one final project. You will see how three grade 5 classes produced a CD-ROM of over 40 living Book titles for their prep buddies and two grade 6 classes combined their work to make a usable Natural Disaster reference. These projects' simple approaches and readily available programs can be applied and easily made with any group of children and the strategy and class management is applicable in both primary and lower secondary settings. Its really simple but effective. If I can do it anyone can! Let me show you how to lead your students to produce fabulous reference resources and interactive slide shows to celebrate their learning in any KLA application.
Please cite as: Bearup, H. (2002). Making 30+ students work into one with PowerPoint or HTML resource. In S. McNamara and E. Stacey (Eds), Untangling the Web: Establishing Learning Links. Proceedings ASET Conference 2002. Melbourne, 7-10 July.

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