Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

CMALT Australasia 2016 Community of Practice

CMALT Australasia is a professional accreditation scheme offered in partnership with the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) UK. The scheme is a form of professional accreditation (via peer reviewed portfolio) and certified membership that enables people whose work involves learning technologies to have their experience and capabilities certified by peers, and to demonstrate that they are taking a committed approach to their professional development.

In 2015 the CMALT Australasia Community of Practice supported a number of members towards the successful submission of their portfolios. These members made use of the CMALT CoP for peer feedback on their work, including valuable input from current CMALT holders.

Congratulations to asciliters Colin Simpson and Stephen Bright (apologies if we have missed any of our 2015 CMALTers) who were recently awarded their CMALT Certified Membership status after a successful review of their CMALT portfolios by ALT. We also had other members submit their portfolios to ALT and who are now awaiting the outcome of those submissions.
In 2016 ascilite is again offering mentoring opportunities and incentives to those preparing their portfolio. There will be two parts to this support:

  1. The CMALT Australasia 2016 Community of Practice will offer mentoring, advice and support through online check-in and support sessions on preparing and submitting a portfolio. Members of the CoP will be a part of an active CMALT Australasia Google+ community.
  2. ascilite will offer a one-off AUD$250 subsidy to successful CMALT Australasia applicants who have been participants in the CMALT Australasia CoP 2016. The subsidy is in the form of financial assistance to register for the ascilite2016 conference in Adelaide. Full details and conditions for subsidies are outlined in the CoP Guidelines (PDF).

Feel free to join the CoP even if you are not planning on submitting a portfolio in 2016. Further information on the CMALT CoP subsidies and how you can apply can be found here.

Enquiries concerning the CoP may be directed to Mark Northover, Co-Chair CMALT Australasia and Expressions of Interest in the CoP should be emailed to the Secretariat by 30 March 2016.

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