Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education


On 16 September 2014, a Call for Nominations for the ascilite Executive Committee was emailed to all current members with a closing date of 3 October.   The information below contains the results of that call and ascilite members are now asked to vote for their preferred nominees from the nominations received.

ascilite Executive Committee members perform critical volunteer roles that ensure ascilite remains a sustainable, vibrant and relevant tertiary education community. As an ascilite community member, we hope that you will consider your vote carefully to ensure the continuing success of the peak professional body for digital learning and teaching in Australasia.

Available Committee Positions

  1. Treasurer: The current Treasurer, Mark Brown has indicated that he will be retiring from the committee and hence nominations were called for the position of Treasurer.  One nomination for this position was received from Mark Nichols and as per the ascilite Constitution By-Laws section 4.1(f), since only one nomination was received, no voting is required.  As such, members will be asked to endorse Mark Nichols as Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting to be conducted at the 2014 ascilite conference.
  2. Committee Members: Four non-officer bearer positions are available on the committee and nominations were called to fill these positions. Within Group 1, which is up for election this year, one current committee member, Sue Gregory, has chosen to stand for re-election while a second committee member, Shirley Reushle recently retired from the committee. A third committee member, Elizabeth Greener is also retiring from the committee. As per the constitution, since Group 1 is up for election at this time, these three positions will be filled for two year terms.
  3. A fourth position on the committee in Group 2 will become available if Mark Nichols is endorsed at the Annual General Meeting as Treasurer. If endorsed, the fourth position will be filled for a one year term. You can view Mark's profile on the ascilite website here.


8 Nominations were received for the 4 positions available on the committee and members are now asked to vote for 4 of the 8 nominees.  You can view the nominee profiles here.

How to Vote

On 7 October, all current ascilite members received an individual email with the subject "ascilite Executive Election Poll" which contained a personal link to the poll which you may use to caste your vote.  Please allow sufficient time to consider who among the nominees you believe will offer the most value to the ascilite community as an Executive member.

Who can Vote

Voting is open only to ascilite members who are current paid members as of 7/10/2104. Anonymous votes are not accepted and voting links will not function if shared with another person.


The polling software maintains a list of all registered ascilite email addresses and the Returning Officer is the only person to have access to the email addresses of voting members. An anonymous tally is used in the poll results.

Ballot Results

Voting will close at midnight AEDT on Tuesday, 28 October and the results of the ballot will be announced at the ascilite AGM on Monday, 24 November during the 2014 ascilite Conference at Otago University.

Institutional Members