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Poster presentions 1: Monday 3 December
Authors will be available to discuss their posters at morning tea (10.30-11.00 am) and afternoon tea (3.00-3.45pm)
Karen Baskett, Gosia Mendrela and Meg StuartRedesigning a more learner centred prescribing curriculum for medical students
Mark Brown, Bill Anderson, Mary Simpson and Gordon SuddabyShowcasing Mahara: A new open source eportfolio
Kevin Burden and Simon AtkinsonJumping on the YouTube bandwagon? Using digital video clips to develop personalised learning strategies
Allan Carrington and Ian GreenJust in time teaching revisited: Using e-assessment and rapid e-learning to empower face to face teaching
Anthony Chan and Catherine McLoughlinChoice, communication and learner autonomy: The development of social competence skills using podcasting technologies
John ClaytonEducational levels of Internet use
Iain Doherty, Adam Blake and Pauline CooperDeveloping ICT and e-learning capacity in a medical and health sciences faculty
Richard Elliott and John ClaytonE-learning for New Zealand industry training organisations: Analysis of benefits and barriers
Ken Eustace, Clinton Mason and Mitchell SwanScupper's Island: Using game design and role-play to learn about professional ethics
Linda Fang Mei LingConversations with independent young adult online language learners
Alan Farley, Dale Holt and Siew Mee BartonFraming the role of technologies in the recognition and development of staff capacities to enhance learning in higher education
Ma Teodora E. Gutierrez and Aura C. MatiasOnline learners' interactions and characteristics affecting satisfaction and academic performance: A Phillipines case study
Mandy Harper, Judy BrittainDiversity in large classes: the challenge of providing self directed formative learning
Chris JonesUsing a digital repository for managing digital rights and copyright information
Tass Katsoulidis, Andrew Buntine and Lyn AtkinsonSupporting academic staff in new learning contexts
Alanah Kazlauskas and Ann ApplebeeICT supported scaffolding of generic skills acquisition by first year students: A collaborative approach
Benjamin KehrwaldSupportive social networks: Community-based learner support in online learning
Sarah LambertMapping the terrain of role-based learning: Building on lessons learnt from collaborative learning research
Jocene Vallack and Ian CharlesonE-roleplay for inquiry into transnational education
Sandra Wills, Elizabeth Devonshire, Elyssebeth Leigh, Elizabeth Rosser, John Shepherd and Andrew VincentEncouraging role based online learning environments

Poster presentations 2: Tuesday 4 December
Authors will be available to discuss their posters at morning tea (10.15-11.00 am) and afternoon tea (3.00-3.45pm)
Jun Iwata and John ClaytonUsing a perceptual measure to evaluate the use of video objects in English language learning
Khairiltitov M. ZainuddinA constructivist perspective of knowledge management theory: A KM solution to online teachers professional development
Sarah LambertReviewing the progress of a campus-wide e-portfolio rollout
Lee Yik Sheng and Loi Yaw YuenPartnership in design: Designing learning activity collaboratively
Stephen Marshall, Geoff Mitchell and Stephanie BeamesBenchmarking for quality improvement: The e-learning maturity model
Anne McDermott and Neil WittA multi functional regional digital repository for teaching higher education in further education colleges
Miles Menegon and James CartledgeOlly! (OnLine Learning for You!): Browser based instant messaging for online learning
Wendy Meyers and Dianne SalterE-teaching professional development: Designing a sustainable program for multi location teachers
Michael O'Donoghue, Jessica Hollis and Alan HoskinLecture recording: Help or hinder in developing a stimulating learning environment?
Duncan O'Hara and Mark BrownSwitching them on and keeping them on: Online professional development for university teachers
Elaine Pearson and Chris BaileyEvaluating the potential of the Nintendo Wii to support disabled students in education
Russ PennellSharing teaching resources
Romana Pospisil, Rebekah Aspinall, Gillian Matthews and Carole ReidEngaging students with ICT choices at Edith Cowan University
Robert K. Pucher, Harald Wahl and Friedrich SchmöllebeckIntegrating undergraduate project based learning in computer science with COAST: A research network
Richard Raban and Andrew LitchfieldSelf and peer assessment in groupwork using TeCTra
Katherine Sanders, Julie Hill, Jan Meyer, Georgina Fyfe, Sue Fyfe, Mel Ziman and Nicole KoehlerGender and engagement in automated online test feedback in first year human biology
Jennifer Tan, Kar-Tin Lee and Jennifer Duncan-HowellLearning from research: Digitalising learning in tertiary settings
Santhakumari Thanasingam & Swee Kit Alan SoongThe spring cycle blended curriculum model for teaching paragraph writing
Linda ThompsonPodcasting: The ultimate learning experience and authentic assessment
Julie WillemsDoes style matter? Considering the impact of learning styles in e-learning

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