Australian Society for Educational Technology

Learning Technologies: Prospects and Pathways

This book contains selected papers from EdTech'96, the Biennial Conference of the Australian Society for Educational Technology, held at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, 7-10 July 1996.


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M Hashim Abbasi and
Alex C Millar
The role of educational technology in upgrading teacher education in Pakistan1-6
Laurie ArmstrongReport on the Teaching and Learning on the Internet Project - RMIT TAFE7-12
Roger Atkinson and
Geoff Rehn
A dissemination strategy for student adoption of Internet services13-20
Philip Branch and
Jennifer Duran
PC based video on demand trials21-24
J R DolanGetting the job done: Distance learning in the RAAF25-30
Roger EdmondsDistance teaching with vision31-35
Sigrid Edwards and
Allan Morton
Profiling computing coordinators36-47
Rae Fankhauser and
Helmut Lopaczuk
Exploring the multimedia landscape from a training and professional development perspective48-54
Paul FritzeAn implementation of interactive objects on the web55-60
Bernard HolknerEdMOO: One approach to a multimedia collaborative environment61-66
G Chandru KistanAppropriate media versus multimedia67-71
Kar-Tin LeeFactors affecting teachers and trainers in the use of a bulletin board system72-76
Jon MasonDetermining the scope of online delivery at a traditional research-based university77-81
Iain McAlpineA combined video and CAL package on advanced level library skills for open learning students82-86
Iain McAlpineA qualitative study of learning from CAL programs in two tertiary education courses87-91
Catherine McLoughlinTelematics for higher order learning: Challenges and opportunities92-97
Tim McMahonEstablishing distance education networks in New Zealand: Policy parameters99-101
Carol MoffattEstablishing distance education networks in New Zealand: Practicalities past, present and future102-106
Allan MortonFactors affecting the integration of computers in Western Sydney secondary schools107-114
Ron Oliver and
Catherine McLoughlin
Live interactive television115-122
Michael Orr and
Rae Fankhauser
Approaches to research in a digital environment: Who are the new researchers?123-129
Marcia Perry, Peter Rumpf and Brian HenneseyEvents management education through CD ROM simulation at Victoria University of Technology130-132
Grahame RamsayThe instructional design transition from distance to flexible delivery materials133-137
Keith ReesDesigning CBE for continuing professional education138-143
Geoffrey A Roberts and
Phillip M Dunn
Electronic classrooms and lecture theatres: Design and use factors in the age of the mass lecture144-152
Glenn RussellReconceptualising pedagogy: Students' hypertext stories with pictures and words153-158
David Taniar and
Wenny Rahayu
Automatisation of student assessment using multimedia technology159-167
Martyn WildPerspectives on the place of educational theory in multimedia168-172

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Hedberg, John G, Steele, James and McNamara, Sue (eds) (1996). Learning Technologies: Prospects and Pathways. Selected papers from EdTech'96, Melbourne, Victoria, 7-10 July. pp ii+172. Canberra: AJET Publications. ISBN 0 646 11596 0

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