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Flexible Learning for a Flexible Society

ASET-HERDSA Conference 2000
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,
Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July, 2000.

Abstracts - Theme: Changing research paradigms

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Thomas A AngeloSucceeding at the scholarship of teaching: Five promising pathways
Carol Bowie, Peter Taylor and Craig ZimitatEvaluating more flexible approaches to teaching for learning
Kevin DunseathDefending educational research in changing times
Amali Fonseka and Stephanie GourdieConscientising the subjectivity of national moderation processes
Vicente C Reyes, JrThe National Schools Network: A case study of organisational transformation in the Australian education system
Chris Trevitt and Denise ChalmersLearning, architecture, planning and design: An empirical investigation of learning spaces at the University of Queensland
Mark Campbell WilliamsIncluding other ways of knowing in educational research

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