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Flexible Learning for a Flexible Society

ASET-HERDSA Conference 2000
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,
Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July, 2000.

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John Balla and Paul Ramsden (Vic)Measuring the experience of the early medical postgraduate
Joan Benjamin (Vic)How do university teachers apply scholarship to their teaching practice?
Joan Benjamin and John Balla (Vic)Medical educators' approaches to in-service learning
Robyn Benson and Debra Kiegaldie (Vic)Becoming flexible: Resolving the paradox of teacher directed student centred learning
Frank Bullen and John Liston (Tas)Integrating continuing education and undergraduates for flexible learning
V Carrington, M Robertson and S Dole (Tas)Flexible delivery for changing student demographics: The UTas experience
Patricia Cartwright and Lynne Noone (Vic)Collaboration in teaching and learning: Insights from TULIP (Tertiary Undergraduate Literacy Integration Program)
Suzanne Fegan and Amanda Pearce (Vic)If they don't know what they don't know, who will tell them? Making the most of student learning support in tertiary education
Wendy Fleet and Amanda Pearce (Vic)Improving graduate outcomes for business students through effective written communication skills
Kym Fraser (Vic)Academic development: The profession
Anthony Gilding (Vic)Understanding the flexible learning workplace as heterogeneous networks
Rhonda Hallett (Vic)Developing new contexts for learning through partnerships: Implications for new approaches to the development of university award programs
Peter Jamieson (Vic)Place matters: The design and development of on campus teaching and learning facilities
Peter Jamieson, Angela Carbone, Kathy Lynch, Martin Atchison and David Arnott (Vic)Introducing a studio based learning environment into Information Technology
Jeremy Keens and Alistair Inglis (Vic)First year students' attitude to online discussion
Katherine Legge and Sabine Wilkens (Vic)Collaborative teaching for collaborative learning
Debra Manning (Vic)Traps for new players: The challenges of shifting to flexible learning
Iain McAlpine (Vic)Multimedia design using Problem Based Learning for Pasture Management
Gavin Melles (Vic)Supporting individual and collective staff development in computer based work through collaborative action research or what’s at stake in CALL and syllabus integration?
David Murphy, Graham Webb, Peter Jamieson and Helen Edwards (Vic)Becoming flexible: Changing academic staff development
David Nettelbeck (Vic)Using IT to enrich the learning experiences of secondary English students
Cameron Nichol (Vic)Learning to know what you don't know: Uncovering the issues involved in the implementation of an Intranet based learning management system in a hospital setting
Amanda Pearce (Vic)Uneven outcomes: NESB students' experiences of employment placement programs
Amanda Pearce, Helen Murphy and Paul Conroy (Vic)Smoother pathways from TAFE to higher education
Louisa Remedios (Vic)Examining the classroom culture of Problem Based Learning
Ian Robertson and Don Sweeney (Vic)Online Learning??: Blah, Blah, Blah!!
Josephine Ryan (Vic)Modelling explored
Judy Sheard, Margot Postema, Selby Markham (Vic)Resource rich learning environments: Students' valuations of resources within courses
Juhani E Tuovinen (Vic)Implications of discovery learning research for the design of flexible learning
Graham Webb (Vic)Challenge and survival for academic development units
Paul Wellington et al (Vic)Diverse feedback mechanisms focus multi-disciplinary team improvement

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