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Flexible Learning for a Flexible Society

ASET-HERDSA Conference 2000
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,
Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July, 2000.

Abstracts - Regional list SA-NT-WA

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Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath (WA)Electronic journals and proceedings: Is there a future for small publishers?
Barbara Black and Robert Cannon (WA)The missing link: Developing the nexus between student feedback surveys and development for teachers
Robert Cannon (SA)Supporting change through sustainable staff development: Lessons from Indonesia and Thailand
Richard Fell and John O'Leary (NT)Developing the human resource of the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Rigmor George and Margaret Hicks (SA)Changing context, changing practice: Managing change in student support services
Rigmor George, Holly McCausland, Dale Wache and Irene Doskatsch (SA)Preparing students for a flexible society: An institutional strategy for lifelong learning
Allan E Goody (WA)Incorporating service learning into your academic programme
Allan E Goody (WA)The Teaching Internship Scheme at UWA
Raj Gururajan and Vijaya Gururajan (WA)Training guidelines to facilitate flexible learning to address changes in the workplace
Margaret Hicks and Betty Leask (SA)Online teaching - responding to and supporting change through staff development
Virginia Hussin and Beverley Kokkinn (SA)Challenging, changing and implementing practices for international and NESB students
Deborah Ingram and Maria Northcote (WA)Interface design for better learning: How to minimise navigational problems and impenetrable screen design in online learning environments
Betty Leask (SA)Internationalisation - changing contexts and their implications for teaching, learning and assessment
Betty Leask and Beverley Kokkinn (SA)Preparing graduates for professional practice - integrating communication skills development into a Pharmacy course
Gail Mahon, Kerri Allen and Margaret Strathearn (SA)Assessing 'graduate qualities' at the University of South Australia: A case study
Clare McBeath and Lou Siragusa (WA)The place of educational technology in higher education in the computer age
Cecil A L Pearson, and S R Chatterjee (WA)Developing teaching environments for self regulated learners: A longitudinal assessment with international students
Beth Pengelly (WA)'Mastering' theory: a paradox in women's studies classrooms?
Connie Price (WA)Self directed learning characteristics of Physiotherapy students
Alex Radloff and Barbara de la Harpe (WA)Helping students develop their writing skills - a resource for lecturers
Peter Radloff (WA)Flexible learning can be achieved only by controlling the total learning environment specific to each discipline
Ian C Reid (SA)A university goes online: Avoiding throwing the innovative baby out with the strategic bath water
Ian C Reid and Andrew Welch (SA)Evaluation goes online - what are the issues?
Lucy Schulz, Judy Szekeres and Anna Ciccarelli (SA)Creating partnerships for learning: New models of collegiality
Jan Thomas and Romana Pospisil (WA)Developing a global perspective for Australian students
Mark Campbell Williams (WA)Including other ways of knowing in educational research
John Wyber and Barbara de la Harpe (WA)Generic skills of postgraduate students - enhancement for a career in business

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