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Flexible Learning for a Flexible Society

ASET-HERDSA Conference 2000
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,
Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July, 2000.

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Peter Albion (Qld)Developing interactive multimedia using a problem based learning framework
Dorothy Andrews and Marian Lewis (Qld)Creating a school for the 21st century: Experiences of a professional community
Trish Andrews and Terrie Ferman (Qld)The flexible learning experience - how good is it really?
Alison Bartlett and Gina Mercer (Qld)Postgraduate supervision: Enabling narratives
Gillian Boulton-Lewis, Lynn Wilss and David Lewis (Qld)Conceptions of formal learning: Changes and developing awareness for indigenous university students
Carol Bowie, Peter Taylor and Craig Zimitat (Qld)Evaluating more flexible approaches to teaching for learning
Carol Bowie, Peter Taylor and Craig Zimitat (Qld)Evaluating the university wide adoption of flexible learning practices
Carol Bowie, Peter Taylor, Craig Zimitat, Gordon Joughin and Brad Young (Qld)Using online course portfolios for assessment and learning in the Graduate Certificate in Flexible Learning
Beverley Broughton and Deborah Gahan (Qld)"This was great experience for me" - The value of a student-student mentor program
Allison Brown (Qld)Learning from experience: Dealing with the realities of a campus wide flexible learning innovation
Joanne Brownlee (Qld)Beliefs about knowing in pre-service teacher education students
Margaret Buckridge (Qld)The teaching portfolio: The relationship between text and practice
R N Buttsworth (Qld)Problems and solutions in Mathematical education - a spectrum extremity
Linda Conrad and Carol Bowie (Qld)Why a teaching portfolio? The developmental and summative uses of the teaching portfolio
Linda Conrad, Trish Johnston and Paul Ramsden (Qld)Contexts for postgraduate student learning
Gulcin Cribb and Deborah Turnbull (Qld)Focussing on the customers and graduate outcomes at the University of Queensland library
John Dekkers and Trish Andrews (Qld)A meta-analysis of flexible delivery policies in selected Australian tertiary institutions: How flexible is flexible delivery?
Carmel Diezmann and Nicola Yelland (Qld)Flexible delivery versus face to face delivery of a pre-service Mathematics education curriculum unit
Angela R Dobele and Megan Grayson (Qld)New environments for learning: Encouraging students to learn from doing
Michael Docherty and Allison Brown (Qld)Studio based teaching in Information Technology
Alan Duhs and Ross Guest (Qld)Teaching Economics: The real and the ideal
Margot Duncan and John Lidstone (Qld)Supporting self directed learning in hypermedia contexts: A designer's perspective
John Fitzsimmons (Qld)Plugging the classroom in to the web: A question of resources or will?
Terry Flew (Qld)Educational media in transition: Public broadcasting, digital media and lifelong learning in the knowledge economy
Jane Fowler and Sara Branch (Qld)Supporting students and staff in a flexible learning environment: A case study
John Green (Qld)A fresh approach to the use of video in the preservice teacher education context
Nick James (Qld)How can flexible delivery enhance the facilitation of a critical understanding of law?
Cathy Jenkins (Qld)The online forum as flexible assessment: Gender differences in participation
Anne Jobling and Karen B Moni (Qld)Interdisciplinary approaches to providing authentic teaching and learning contexts for secondary pre-service teachers in English and Special Needs curriculum areas
Lesley Jolly, Peter Kelly, Peter Newcombe and Sylvie Tourigny (Qld)Building Behavioural Studies: Flexible curriculum design and pedagogy in process
Lesley Jolly and David Radcliffe (Qld)Reflexivity and hegemony: Changing engineers
Ursula Kellett, Diane Collins, Jacqui McLean and Lorraine Venturato (Qld)Changing learning contexts: Meeting the educational needs of community nurses caring for older people with Alzheimer's disease and their families
John W Liston (Qld)The pedagogy of interactive models
Doune Macdonald and Geoff Isaacs (Qld)Problem based learning in a final year subject: Developing a professional identity
Catherine Manathunga (Qld)A blueprint for change: Introducing flexible delivery into teacher education
Olivera Marjanovic and Maria E Orlowska (Qld)Flex-Ed - workflow enabled flexible learning
Kate Miller and Kathy Watson (Qld)Critical thinking - a life skill
Matthew Neale and Glenys Drew (Qld)Evaluating and enhancing leadership in higher education
Mary Oliver, Andy Koronios, Som Naidu and Kathy Strickland (Qld)Evaluation of an interactive multimedia learning environment designed to enable graduate nurses to think critically on clinical decision making: A case based reasoning architecture
Jane Paterson and Trish Andrews (Qld)Learning from delivering nutrition subjects in new and flexible tertiary teaching and learning environments
Cec Pedersen and Bruce Millett (Qld)Competency auditing: Is there an 'ideal' human resource management graduate?
Cec Pedersen and Rod St Hill (Qld)Meeting the challenges of learner diversity : Applying modal preference and learning needs to adult learning
David Radcliffe and Dominic Howarth (Qld)Building strategic learning partnerships with industry
Lesley Richardson (Qld)Introducing open learning technologies into the rural school
Valerie Richardson, Belinda Fentiman, Robyn Nash, Pamela Lemcke and Jennifer Vakararawa (Qld)The Clinical Education Unit: An enhanced learning context for undergraduate Nursing students
Calvin Smith, Geoff Isaacs, Alan Holzl and Kathy Roulston (Qld)The first cohort at a new campus: Who are they? Why are they here? Where are they going? What do they bring?
Calvin Smith, Kerrianne Watt and Wayne Robinson (Qld)Quality assurance through a continuous curriculum review (CCR) strategy: Reflections on a pilot project
Peter G Taylor (Qld)A scheme for peer reviewing the quality of higher education teaching and learning resources
Peter G Taylor (Qld)Academic careers in the 21st century: Challenges and opportunities
Lynda J Thater and Neville Richter (Qld)Redesigning skill based IT subjects for the 21st century
Lesley Willcoxson (Qld)Strategies for changing a university into a 'learning organisation'
Ian Woodward, Angela Coco, Kirstyn Shaw and Andrew Peake (Qld)Games people play
Nicola Yelland and Jennifer Masters (Qld)Changing contexts with technology: Creating computer based resources for learning

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