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Flexible Learning for a Flexible Society

ASET-HERDSA Conference 2000
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,
Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July, 2000.

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Thomas A Angelo (USA)Fostering critical thinking across the curriculum: Practical, research based strategies for defining objectives, teaching, and assessment
Thomas A Angelo (USA)Succeeding at the scholarship of teaching: Five promising pathways
Thomas A Angelo (USA)Ten levers for higher learning: Research based guidelines for improving teaching, assessment, and learning
K C Chu and Patrick Lai (Hong Kong)Can PBL work for surface students?
K C Chu and Dennis Leung (Hong Kong)Gaining practical skills through scenario based learning
Anne Ditcher and Sally Hunter (NZ)The instrumental student: A changing problem?
Kevin Dunseath (England)Defending educational research in changing times
Tessa Dunseath (England)Challenge and change in medical education
Ruth Ethell, Susan Sandretto and Chris Heath (NZ)Filling a gap in research on teaching in higher education
Hashem Fardanesh (Iran)Misplaced epistemologies and teaching methods
Amali Fonseka and Stephanie Gourdie (NZ)Conscientising the subjectivity of national moderation processes
Hilton J Fransman (South Africa)Transcending the teaching versus research debate: Embracing an expanded view of scholarship
Mary Fuller (England)Staff development for research in a 'chilly climate'
Paul Helm (England)Staff development for technology enabled learning: A devolved approach
Nancy Hunt (NZ)Supporting on campus instruction via the WWW: A three year review of a flexible learning initiative
Bruce H Knox (NZ)The examination of possible outcomes resulting from the proliferation of New Zealand's theological providers: Provider alliances
Ken W Li (Hong Kong)Helping students develop statistical reasoning through seeing statistics
Pam Malcolm and Carol Sherry (NZ)We know what you did last summer: The summer school experience
Kogi Naidoo (NZ)Training and development: Cutting edge strategy for managing change at a transforming university
Abang Ahmad Ridzuan, Hong Kian Sam and Mohd Husin bin Abdul Rahman (Sarawak)Toward the use of the computer in the workplace: Changing the culture of school administration in Malaysia
Leniiw Roman-Tourchon (Sarawak)Impacts of computer mediated communication system on organisational effectiveness: An investigation in Malaysian Agricultural Bank (BPM) in Sarawak
Gordon Suddaby, Claire McLachlan-Smith and Alison St George (NZ)The effort pays off: A preliminary report on the evaluation of a teaching skill development programme
Gerald Tindal (USA)Providing access to students with learning disabilities: Using technology to transform teaching and learning environments
Alison R Viskovic (NZ)Students' attitudes to using forms of online learning support

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