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Flexible Learning for a Flexible Society

ASET-HERDSA Conference 2000
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,
Sunday 2 July to Wednesday 5 July, 2000.

Abstracts - Regional list NSW-ACT

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Moya Adams and Catherine Rytmeister (NSW)Is it getting an easier? Supporting the professional development of new academics
Christine Asmar (NSW)'We need to go beyond the course because for us it's a way of life': Findings from a national study of Muslim students
Peter Blakey (NSW)The deserted teaching space: Educational Technology and the human interface - A personal reflection
Alan Davies, Bob Dick, Stewart Hase, Shankar Sankaran, Mike Gloster and Richard Kwok (NSW)Problem based learning with academic accreditation - A flexible postgraduate program for managers an practitioners using Action Research at the Workplace
Aruna Deo (NSW)Evaluating three approaches to flexible delivery in the university classroom
Cath Ellis, Alisa Percy and Gerry Turcotte (NSW)Building online essay writing support tools
Robert A Ellis (NSW)Improving student writing processes using technically supported flexible strategies
Mark Freeman and Jo McKenzie (NSW)Self and peer assessment of student contributions to group work: Designing, implementing and evaluating a confidential web based system
Bruno Gelonesi, Neryla Jolly, Peter Kench and Gary Lee (NSW)Providing student support and student satisfaction at the Faculty of Health Sciences: Implications for curriculum reform
Lewis Gratton (NSW)Using online fora to foster communication and reflective practice for students on practicum
Steve Hansen and Graeme Salter (NSW)The take up of web technology: Promoting changes in teaching staff and in the institution
Peter Kandlbinder (NSW)A case study approach to supporting change in postgraduate supervision
Peter Kandlbinder (NSW)Peeking under the covers: Understanding the foundations of online academic staff development
Miranda Lawry and Alison Goodwin (NSW)Creating partnerships for learning
Lisa Lobry de Bruyn and Julian Prior (NSW)Changing student learning focus in natural resource management education - Problems (and some solutions) with using Problem Based Learning
Martin Maguire and Des Matejka (NSW)Online delivery: Making the rough road smooth
Mary Jane Mahony, Colleen Mulavey-O'Byrne, Joy Higgs and Fran Everingham (NSW)Multiple dimensions of flexibility in health sciences professional preparation programs: Challenges for curriculum development and organizational change
Stephen J Marshall, Moya Adams and Alison Cameron (NSW)In search of academic leadership
Des Matejka and Martin Maguire (NSW)A responsive conceptual framework for effective online delivery
Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca (NSW)Assessment methodologies in transition: Changing practices in Web based learning
Catherine McLoughlin and Barbara McCartney (NSW)24 by 7 - The acquisition of generic skills for the new millennium
Rosemary Millar (NSW)Introducing flexible learning into a traditional teaching regime
Vicente C Reyes, Jr (NSW)The National Schools Network: A case study of organisational transformation in the Australian education system
Will Rifkin (NSW)How do you help lecturers to teach generic attributes? - The CUTSD Communication Skills Project tests one approach
Graeme Salter and Steve Hansen (NSW)Facilitating web based staff development in higher education
Graeme Salter, Phil Nanlohy and Steve Hansen (NSW)Online discussion groups: Strategies to enhance participation and collaboration
Izabel Soliman (NSW)Supporting collaboration in rationalising an area of study
Chris Trevitt and Denise Chalmers (ACT)Learning, architecture, planning and design: An empirical investigation of learning spaces at the University of Queensland

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