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The merger of AJET and IJET

Developing the statement of purpose

In 2005-06 Cameron Richards from the Faculty of Education, The University of Western Australia, explored the possibilities for reviving the International Journal of Educational Technology (IJET). This journal was conceived in 1996 as an open access, online journal by Brian Sova, Roger Hacker and others at UWA, in collaboration with James Levin and others in the College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After publishing about 39 refereed articles during 1999-2002, IJET went into recess. As the attempt to revive IJET stalled at the end of 2006, Roger Atkinson and Cameron Richards prepared a plan to merge IJET with AJET. The Statement of purpose quoted below was discussed between AJET staff and IJET's Australian and USA connections during February to March 2007. We agreed to proceed, subject to endorsement by AJET's Management Committee.
Statement of purpose

The key purpose underlying the proposed merger of IJET with AJET is to sustain the work of those who created and supported IJET. If a journal is discontinued, as seems to be the case with IJET (which has not published any articles since 2002), a duty to the authors, and the editors who worked with them, will be unfulfilled. Their work 'dies'. However, if their work is placed in a sustainable, open access archive associated with a closely related and actively growing journal, it has a much better opportunity to remain 'alive'.

If IJET is merged with AJET, it will then have a guaranteed way to preserve its history, archives and name. Also, a merger would very likely prevent any other parties from taking over or resurrecting the name without reference to IJET's founders. For AJET, the benefit is an enlarged archive of refereed academic research articles in educational technology, and perhaps some recognition for adopting a 'caring and conserving' attitude towards the authors who entrusted their work to IJET as their publisher. In the future there is the option of a name change, from AJET to IJET, though at present that seems unlikely.

If the proposed merger proceeds, its most visible sign will be a new, permanent link on AJET's home page, to "IJET Archive" hosted on AJET's website, plus other home page announcements for 1-2 years. Underneath such a link, readers will find an open access archive, faithfully reproducing all files in the original versions (some files may have improvements to their metatags and footers). The main addition will be an "About IJET" page recording IJET's history and the work of its editors.

We believe that AJET has a firm foundation for undertaking the proposed merger and that we have much relevant experience with similar models and archives, as indicated by the following:

Roger Atkinson
For AJET. http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/
Cameron Richards
For IJET. http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/ijet/

Consulting authors

During 22 March to 1 April 2007, we sought comment on the Statement of purpose from a small subset of IJET authors (Australian authors, 6 articles, 5 replies received) and were given 'strongly approve' responses from all we contacted. Some of their comments are quoted below.

As the author of an article published in the International Journal of Educational Technology ('IJET'), you may be interested in commenting upon a proposed merger of IJET with the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology ('AJET'), currently under discussion. A summary of the basis for discussions appears below.

We are seeking comments from a sample group of IJET authors. Your reaction to the proposal will help us advance the discussions between AJET and IJET. All that we seek at this stage is a sentence or two from authors, a quick reaction, a brief reply, be it 'strongly approve' or 'strongly disapprove', or anything in between. Plus, do please raise any questions that you feel should be addressed in further discussions.

Thank you very much,

Roger Atkinson
For AJET. http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/
Cameron Richards
For IJET. http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/ijet/

Yes, I strongly agree that there are distinct advantages for the proposed merger. I fully support it.Strongly Approve :) It will strengthen AJET as a journal rather than to have two journals at competition with each other or to have IJET fade away :(
Thanks for all the work that you are doing. And yes I am happy to have my article archived by AJET.This seems an excellent idea to me. ... [IJET] relied on a lot of goodwill and the time and energy of the core group of founders... it never re-gained its energy once they moved on to other things. In addition, I do often worry that our rather nice and well-cited article would disappear if someone decided that the journal would no longer be hosted at UIUC or UWA.
I would be quite happy with this approach.... I appreciate all the work you are doing to organise this - much appreciated.

Copyright given back to authors

All of IJET's web pages contained the footer phrase "Copyright © (date: 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002)", without stating an owner. To clarify the position, we assert, for the purposes of this archive, that copyright in individual articles is given back to the individual authors of IJET articles. Copyright in IJET as a compilation remains with its founders, including but not limited to Dr Brian Sova, Dr Roger Hacker and Dr James Levin. The moral right to be recognised as the originator of the title International Journal of Educational Technology rests with Dr Sova.

The position asserted above is consistent with the copyright stance adopted by AJET and ASCILITE many years ago. For illustrative statements, see:

1.AJET"Copyright in individual articles contained in Australasian Journal of Educational Technology is vested in each of the authors in respect of his or her contributions." http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/about/ref/author-advice.html#copyright
Articles are "© (the authors)". See footers to any Proceedings article listed under http://www.ascilite.org.au/index.php/Conferences, for example: "The authors assign to ASCILITE and educational non-profit institutions a non-exclusive licence to use this document for personal use and in courses of instruction provided that the article is used in full and this copyright statement is reproduced. The authors also grant a non-exclusive licence to ASCILITE to publish this document on the ASCILITE web site (including any mirror or archival sites that may be developed) and in printed form within the ASCILITE 2004 Conference Proceedings. Any other usage is prohibited without the express permission of the authors."

We believe that we have made reasonable endeavours to explore for IJET's archives the alternatives to "Copyright given back to authors". Whilst our inquiries have not uncovered a better alternative, we are open to consideration of other views that may be held by authors or other interested parties. Please email advice to Roger Atkinson [rjatkinson@bigpond.com] or Cameron Richards [cameron.richards@uwa.edu.au or cameronkrichards@hotmail.com] if you feel that our copyright statement for this archive is in any way inappropriate.

Preparing files for the archive

The key principle is exact replication of the IJET files as originally published, save for a small number of changes made for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Commenting out or deleting non-functional hypertext links, wherever detected, whilst leaving the link text intact. These include "mailto" links (A HREF="mailto:address"), links to personal home pages, and links to specific pages within a faculty or departmental website. In general, links within individual articles have not been checked.
  2. Changes to the home page to provide information on the origins of IJET and the merger with AJET, which are new files. The changes include a revised <title> tag and footer lines. Some other pages have the words "Archival only" added to the <title> tag.
  3. All files which have been edited have the phrase "Archived 5 May 2007" added to the footer lines.
  4. Correcting a small number of HTML errors which interfered with reading, mainly in files in the v3n1 directory. Other corrections include replacing the copyright symbol © with its decimal code, namely &#169;
  5. Some files, mainly in higher level directories, have additions made to metatag lines (the undisplayed lines of the form <META NAME="" CONTENT="">)
  6. In a few articles, citations of an AJET paper have been edited to add the cited article's URL.
If you have comments or corrections to offer, please email Roger Atkinson [rjatkinson@bigpond.com].

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