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James Koch : Does Distance Learning Work? A Large Sample, Control Group Study of Student Success in Distance Learning
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Celeste Walls : Some Strategies for Balancing Economies of Scale and Interaction in Online/Distance Education Courses
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Margaret Haughey & Bill Muirhead : Evaluating Learning Objects for Schools
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Thomas Ramage: A System-Level Comparison of Cost-Efficiency and Return on Investment Related to Online Course Delivery
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Powell T. & Murphy E. (2005): The experiences of instructional designers of web-based learning at the post-secondary level.

Murphy E. & Jerome T. (2005): Assessing student's contributions to online asynchronous discussions in university level courses.

Current Practice

GreggRowland: Design of a Simulation of Multiple Perspectives in Road Safety Education


Ede O.S. Iyamu & S.E. Aduwa Ogiegbaen: Assessment of the Use of Educational Technology by Social Studies Teachers in Secondary Schools in Western Nigeria

Jennifer Chiok Foong Loke: Blackboard: A Virtual Learning Environment or an Administrative Tool?