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Dr Boris Handal, Dr Anthony Herrington: On Being Dependent or Independent in Computer Based Learning Environments
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Hermann Astleitner: Multimedia Elements and Emotional Processes
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Muthu Kumar: A Critical Discourse in Multimedia Design: A Pedagogical Perspective to Creating Engaging Online Courseware
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Terry Anderson, Norine Wark: Why do Teachers Get to Learn the Most?
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Current Practice

Paul W. O. Hoskin: Affecting increased student achievement in geoscience education by instruction in metacognition:
a small class case study

Conference/Book Reviews

Studying at a Distance
Christine Talbot
Open University Press - 2003


Christine Talbot covers the most important issues associated with studying at a distance in her latest publication. She starts with preparation for studying, showing readers how to assess their existing skills and identify their needs, including becoming aware of the different modes of learning using a range of technologies. Particularly relevant are the sections on using virtual learning environments, equipment needs, how to organise one’s time effectively, and how to make the best use of the support and resources available. There's also coverage of the core skills required for any form of course in further or higher education - note-taking, essay writing, and revision and examination skills. The advice on research projects is also most helpful. The guide is a short and readable publication offering clear explanations of how to best prepare for independent study. It will be particularly useful for those people returning to education after several years. I would recommend it to students studying in this mode for the first time.


Tzung-I Tang:The Study of User Satisfaction with Distance Learning Systems: Adaptive Structuring Theory 

Melting pot

Mara Alagic : CALEM Portals, Quests and Guilds: New Learning Environments

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