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Hermann Astleitner, Peter Lintner: The effects of ARCS-strategies on self-regulated learning with instructional texts
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Elizabeth Murphy: Moving from theory to practice in the design of web-based learning using a learning object approach
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Peter Van Petegem, Toby De Loght, Ann M. Shortridge:
Powerful learning is interactive: a cross-cultural perspective
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Current Practice:

Laurie Armstrong, Dr Marsha Berry and Reece Lamshed: Blogs as electronic learning journals

Ken Neo Tse Kian; Teachers as multimedia developers: using multimedia authouring tools to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom

Ken Eustace, Joseph Meloche and James Henri: Developments in the tele-learning professional practice in higher education: less teaching, more learning

Stacie Gomm, and Andrew S. Gibbons: Embedded user languages

Richard H. Hall, Aram Digennaro, Jessica Ward, Nicholas Havens, and Joseph Ricca: Usability assessment of a web-based learning system for teaching web development: a progressive scaffolding approach


Boris Handal: Teachers' instructional beliefs about integrating educational technology

Melting Pot:

Alejandro Franco J: The challenges of virtual education

Iroha Kalu and C.O. Ekwueme: Assessment of Teachers' level of literacy and attitude towards information and communication technology application in science

Pichai Tongdeelert: A proposed collaborative computer network-based learning model for undergraduate students with different learning styles

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