Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

2019 Webinars Video recordings of the TELedvisors-SIG sessions listed below are available on the TELedvsiors-SIG website. Academic Developers – who are they? 26 Sept Of all the edvisor types, Academic Developers (ADs) are probably the most clearly defined in the research literature. Perhaps not surprisingly, as many of them work in academic roles and do… Continue reading

Webinar 1: MOPping up: aligning policy and practice, 9 March 2017 Abstract A number of tertiary institutions have employed a minimum online presence (MOP) or Blended Learning strategy, however the variety and depth of these can vary. While most will consider blended and online learning in terms of policy (privacy, key information available to students),… Continue reading

Webinar 2: Building capacity amongst teaching staff, 6 April 2017 Abstract Implementing technology within learning and teaching requires a number of key elements/considerations to be supported, including technical and training/pedagogical support. Research suggests that for teaching staff to effectively integrate technology, they require both pedagogical and technical knowledge and skills. However recent reports suggest that… Continue reading

Webinar 3: Our personal professional development, 4 May 2017 Abstract Our personal professional development: strategies and approaches.  While we spend a lot of our time thinking about how to educate others, there are many ways that we can engage in our own professional development. This is part of life-long learning and the Scholarship of Technology… Continue reading

Webinar 7: Synchronous learning environments: connecting communities or teaching into the ether? 7 Sept 2017 Abstract Synchronous technologies allow us to connect with others who may not be geographically located. In this webinar, we will discuss newer approaches to synchronous communication that recognise the power of blended approaches and building communities. What ways are there… Continue reading

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